About Me:

I offer Hairdressing Services

I have been doing hair for 30 years. Please look at hair.

I also do Art  Please have a look.

          Hi and welcome to my page.

My name is Klara Szigethy, I am from London Ontario.  

I offer tarot card reading for many years.

I work with Poker cards and other styles of tarot cards. I will talk about your past, present and your future.

I do Medium-ship with my readings. When people call me for consultation. I, hear you voice (Vibration energy) then I see images that spirit gives me or before people come in for a reading.

I do sometime going in a dream state and I will write or draw out what I see and or feel. I see first your spirit guide and then your family guide and they come in to a low me to do your reading. 

Sometimes I will see your past life image. I will hear music around you. I do see Ora colours around you. 

I also Offer Spirit Drawing or writing with a plainchant. 

Dowsing for a yes and no answer.

Psychometry (Touch of idem or object) I will feel what going on with it.

I ask people please don't let me know anything about you during the reading. if I ask you question. just a yes and no answers. If it does not make seance put it on the back burner, cause sometime it would be impotent later in your reading.

 On tell we are done the reading. after we can deliberate or if you have questions that need to answer. I will try to light the way need to know.