What's going on for 2021

Hi Everyone! Happy New year 2021!!!

What a year. Life changing every were. Yup as you know I have not done to much and I am sorry that I have not gotten back to some of you. 

As some of you know I have been back to work teaching hairdressing. But from Dec. 2020 another close down again and be back to work soon. (maybe?)


So my schedule has been upside down. Everyone is going through the same thing. Hoping things will get back. 

The answer to this everything will change. I will try to up date you. I Know I can do readings. But I took step back.

Please be patience and be safe.


Hi Everyone, I had a few phone calls and texts. Please do my hair!

Yes, it sucks! I am taking it one thing at time with the Fazes. But Please do understand that I am not going to take a chances on my health and my family well-being.

I love to do hair. But way thing are going. Who rather be healthy and safe? I want make sure to continue to be normal.

Time is tough and sure it will get harder. we need stay strong. STAY HOME on till other wise. 


Peace, Love & Hope! 

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