What's going on for 2022

Hi everyone, Yes I am back on line. I miss being out there talk to people. As of you know I was working as a hair styling teacher for two years. I truly love working with the school.  I have a true appreciation the word TEACHER. 

Yes, there was up in downs  with Covid. But it made us stronger to keep our students move forward. I was so glade to be part of that. I had to take a break to the school and work on my health and other things in life.

As you know with the world keeps on going in chaos. I have put out there about past years before this was going on. I had a dream in early 2000's and on that some thing big about to come and war is about to Brue. I had friends and family say stop put this out there. Well it out there and it is coming. I am not the only psychic/ medium whom is going through is feeling. 

I can say is put healing energy out there to all Europeans in need. don't wish this to anyone.  Proud to be Canadian 

Please be patience and be safe.


I do have some events going on please watch what's going that if you are interested to booking with me.

Meow Event

(Event Producer – Events by L.A.)
Sunday, May 8, 2022 (11am – 6pm) 
Lions Gate Banquet Hall, 386 Blake Street, Barrie, ON