Coming Events 2020

Hi Everyone, yes it has been a while. The year 2020 has really pushed a lot of people to push or test their limits. 

With social media has it's ups and downs. June and July around the world people feeling has been also touchy subject weather it's race in colour, gender and health by wearing the mask. I guess our history books are going to be in an intersecting read.

How about are heath? One minute we are praising our front line works and now their the bad guys in this pictures. I don't get it. I have family in the who work hard and not getting paid enough but still do their job's. I am proud of them.

Here In Canada we are doing well and thank you for thous people doing that for us. Cause we are at faze #3.  

I am proud to make masks and wearing one when I am out and about in my world of bubble.

Soon be back to work in August with my students and looking forward to being there for them.

Sad Note:

I know a lot of people have lost friends and family with Covid19, Cancer, depression and other ailments.

Just Lost my Brother in-law. I must say my sister was lucky she got to have a service and buried him. Since they open faze #3 some of my friends had to wait a very long time. So my Prays goes out to everyone for your loss. Love to all and be strong. 

On a Light Note: 

As for me I will post events when their open. Yes i have been quiet with my Readings and doing hair. I will text people when I have a chance. As for the reading my price and few of my reading style will change soon to.


I am proud with everyone to try to make the world a better place. Please try help thous who need it. Be kind to one another with positive note. I know it is hard for some. Must be patience. Remember the world may be big. It can be small to. Once we get to know it. If it work. Work with it.

Hi Everyone, I had a few phone calls and texts. Please do my hair!

Yes, it sucks! I am taking it one thing at time with the Fazes. But Please do understand that I am not going to take a chances on my health and my family well-being.

I love to do hair. But way thing are going. Who rather be healthy and safe? I want make sure to continue to be normal.

Time is tough and sure it will get harder. we need stay strong. STAY HOME on till other wise. 


Peace, Love & Hope! 

Spirit writing similar idea with a Planchette. It is most often associated with the Ouija board, but with automatic writing it is fitted with a pen or pencil with a point flash a surface on a paper to enable spirit to communication to be recorded thought words or drawing. 10 to 15min. For a Yes & No answer to your question  $ 30.00 if goes longer? Extra charge

What is new?

I will put new announcement soon  about shows in the future. Thank you.

Hey are you look for gift for friend or love one who like to get card reading? Here an idea that is something deferent to give for the Holiday. E-mail me.

Hi my lovely's, I know there have been some people have been asking. When will I be doing on line readings? I am working out what would be best for you the Client. When I do fine the right fit I will put out time, dates and facebook the info. Please be patient. Still working out some things on some of the pages.

Thank you for you time.




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